Barry Phillips

Being an online entrepreneur has many advantages. It's great to work for youself. The problem is that you are also working by yourself.

MasterMinds gives you a place where you can bounce ideas off not only Scott, but other like-minded people that are willing to help.

We all need to know if our ideas are marketable to others, refine them and get advice and help in areas where we have less expertise.

MasterMinds is that place.

Kenneth Haukas

I have found a lot of valuable information by reading the posts in the MasterMinds forum.

I really appreciate that Scott gives his advice to my problems and challenges.


Joseph Ikpaanyam

I upgraded to the forum as a complete novice in Internet business but with a desire to succeed.

I have found the forum to be very resourceful.

At every step along the way, members have been sharing ideas and experiences willingly.

The forum is truly filled with masterminds.


Hello Everyone,

I joined ClickMillionaire Mastermind a few weeks ago. During this time, I took part in several interesting discussions from existing members on the private forum.

I am half way through the very helpful free "Traffic Building School" course that contains an amazing amount of very useful information. This on its own is worth a few months of subscription payments to Mastermind.

I had a site review when several members of ClickMillionaire Mastermind have offered very precise advice on how to improve the financial return and look of my web pages. I am very grateful for all their comments.

Scott did a video review of my site and it is packed with very informative information on how to get a better return.

There basically a huge amount of information at your fingertips when you join Mastermind.


Awais Awad

It's really my good luck to find a such nice group where everyone is helping each other, but more appreciating is that a best seller author is getting time to help group members.

I searched for some time a group like this where a novice can learn and expert can have his abilities polished.

To achieve the best in life a mentor is required and I found not only one mentor, but a group of people to act as mentors.


Christine Corretti

I love the MasterMinds forum because the help is more involved and personal. Plus, Scott is there all the time.

The people are great, just as the free Forum members are, and, honestly, I wish I could get to know them and Scott in person.

No business mentor, to my knowledge, has what Scott has done for his readers.

Ernie Grafiada

I joined MasterMinds a few days ago and I'm glad I did! There is a lot of help and support there that I needed to get my website going and a lot of tools and tutorials that I couldn't find elsewhere.

I highly recommend it!

Brian Smith

The MasterMinds upgrade was the best decision I made since visiting the site.

I feel my questions matter and I get answers swiftly. I have not been utilizing it to my best ability. I am restructuring my day so I can be here daily.

Thank you for this service, Scott!


Since I've joined Master Minds, I've been pleasantly surprised with the support of everyone in the group.

I've learned a great deal from this group, and Scott Fox has been very instrumental in my education on how to build an online business.

I now have a blog that I'm working on, and that would not happened, I'm sure, without the help of Scott and the rest of the group.

I encourage anyone with the desire to start an online business, to join MasterMinds and reap the benefits that are so evidently there!


With so much competition around, finding a niche, building and establishing a profitable business on your own can be very time consuming and soul destroying, and I was all set to give up on my online dream.

Joining the CM mastermind group was one of the smartest investments I ever made. Being able to work alongside and pick the brains of other people in various stages of the development of their own successful businesses was godsend. Mixing and making friends with other, already successful people has given me that sense of direction and encouragement I needed.

MasterMinds has helped restore my enthusiasm and the belief in myself that I can also be successful.

Randall Stewart

I joined MasterMinds and I am still in awe over the amount of helpful advice and tips that I have personally received.

This particular Mastermind group has saved me hours of frustration - not to mention wasted money - in creating my Click Millionaire lifestyle.

P.S. Scott did NOT pay me for the glowing remarks. :)

Vanessa Vinos

Click Millionaires Mastermind Group has been an absolute god-send.

Not only have I learnt so much in just 1 month, but it has saved me hundreds of dollars in money I would have wasted changing things on my website or getting SEO consultants to work on.

The community SEO clinic that is being done on my site is worth 10x more than the monthly membership. That alone has saved me SO much money.

Everyone is so helpful and supportive and Scott answers and chips in to every question that is posted in the forums (he is not just the figure-head).

If you are thinking about joining, I can't think of money more well spent. It costs the same as buying maybe 2 books a month. But the knowledge and skills you get from being part of the group,is given back to you ten-fold.

Just do it and see for yourself.

Lori Peters

Scott Fox's MasterMinds Forum is really amazing and incredibly helpful. (More so than the social media gurus out there who have no time even when you take their class.)

Master Minds has more than tripled what I paid for it already.

The focus is on making money - business and taking action. I really get a lot out of watching how fast Scott takes action on his own projects.

Everybody wants to know "HOW TO MONETIZE MY WEBSITE?" that is what MasterMinds is all about. And on the Mastermind video chats you can ask Scott questions directly.

Also the other members on the website are so incredibly helpful and friendly.

Sarah Freeman

Click Millionaires MasterMinds has been a great investment for me because the members always have such concrete, specific and constructive sugestions.

No fluff. Just honest and open sharing from folks who are in the trenches together.

Oh yes, and they are super nice as well!

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